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JA Solar Japan Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Release time:2019-10-11
On September 17, JA Solar Japan held its seventh anniversary celebration in Tokyo, Japan. JA Solar's Senior Vice President Mr. Huang Xinming attended the event and delivered a speech to express the company’s gratitude to local customers for their support since its inception and to share his views on the outlook for the development of renewable energy. Guests from over one hundred firms, including Hitachi, Panasonic, Marubeni and JGC, witnessed this important milestone in the company’s history.

Japan has attached great importance to the development and application of renewable energy, especially solar energy. Compared to other markets, Japan has higher requirements for the quality and efficiency of solar products. In 2012, JA Solar established a branch in Tokyo, and was quickly recognized by the market for the company’s excellent products and services, and the JA Solar brand has been well accepted by local customers. The company takes a leading position in shipments to Japan with nearly 10% share of the market. It has built solid relationships with hundreds of local business partners, and has a strong market penetration for its products, covering all 47 administrative regions of Japan. JA Solar is highly regarded as the most trusted photovoltaic brand.

JA Solar focuses on the R&D and production of high-efficiency solar PV products and launches a series of advanced products for the Japanese market. Last year, the company was granted a patent for its bifacial PERC technology in Japan, which is a manifestation of JA Solar’s technological innovativeness and the recognition and protection for the IP rights in Japan. In February, the company showcased its 9BB half-cell mono PERC module at the PV EXPO 2019, which was positioned as an excellent choice for lowering LCOE and achieving grid parity. In July, JA Solar signed a Ga-doping patent licensing agreement with Shin-Etsu Chemical. The technology is expected to further improve the performance of JA Solar products, enabling the company to provide more reliable products to its customers.

Mr. Jin Baofang, JA Solar’s Chairman of Board of Directors, said, "JA Solar's achievement in the Japanese market is a result of our strong focus on high-quality products and services. We will continue to serve the Japanese market, providing our customers with high-quality products and services, and promoting the development of the photovoltaic industry in the country.”
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